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  1. GEM 2008 Space Radiation Climatology (FG9)
    1. Uploading Files
    2. Breakout 1: 10:30-12:15, Thursday, Davos
    3. Breakout 2: 3:30 - 5:15, Thursday, Interlaken
    4. Tuesday Posters
    5. Presentations at the GEM 2008 Summer Workshop
    6. Other Notes
    7. Email Circular Text

1. GEM 2008 Space Radiation Climatology (FG9)

1.1. Uploading Files

To upload a file, edit the page and enter text similar to this [[Image:My_File_Name.ppt|Description of My File]]. When you select save, you will see that there is now a red link as in Image:My File Name.ppt. When you select the red link, you will be taken to an upload page (or a login page if you have not created an account. If you do not want to create an account, use username=GEM2008 and password=2008GEM).

1.2. Breakout 1: 10:30-12:15, Thursday, Davos

1.3. Breakout 2: 3:30 - 5:15, Thursday, Interlaken

1.4. Tuesday Posters

Have an FG9-related poster? Advertise here!

1.5. Presentations at the GEM 2008 Summer Workshop

Focus group 9 had a short but very lively session during the 2008 workshop. In keeping with the GEM theme, discussions were very open and presentations were given as a context for broader discussions. We had several introductory/tutorial discussions and we invited certain participants to initiate discussions on topics such as climatology applied to the ring current and ground observations. Copies of viewgraphs presented at the session are included below with their author's permission. Please contact the author for further information or permission for use.

Geoff Reeves - Image:2008 GEM FG9 Reeves Intro.ppt

Weigel - Image:2008 GEM FG9 Weigel Virbo.ppt

Denton - Image:2008 GEM FG9 Denton T03 Inputs.ppt

Kihn - Radiation Belt Climatology : State of the Data Environment

Shprits - Image:2008 GEM FG9 Shprits Reanalysis.ppt

Reeves - Image:2008 GEM FG9 Reeves DREAM.ppt

Moldwin - Image:2008 GEM FG9 Moldwin Magnetometers.ppt

Liemohn - Image:2008 GEM FG9 Liemohn RAM.ppt

Xinlin Li - Image:2008 GEM FG9 Turner&Li Gradients.ppt

Guild (for O'Brien) - Image:2008 GEM FG9 OBrien TEM1.ppt

Guild - Image:2008 GEM FG9 Guild Inner Belt.pdf

Engebretson - Ground-based EMIC wave climatology (Climatology of Pc 1-2 Waves Observed at High Latitudes in Antarctica)

       - Mark asks that you please see his student's more complete work at the 2008 Fall AGU meeting

1.6. Other Notes

O'Brien has suggested getting "climatology" and "reanalysis" added as keywords in SPA

1.7. Email Circular Text

It's almost time for the GEM Summer Workshop, joint with SHINE. The Space Radiation Climatology Focus Group (FG9) will meet for two breakout sessions on Thursday: 10:30-12:15 and 3:30-5:15. We encourage interested parties to send talk ideas to Geoff Reeves or Paul O'Brien. If you are presenting an FG9-related poster, please sign up for the **Thursday** Poster Session and advertise on the Wiki.

For more information, see the FG9 Wiki:

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