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FG9-Space Radiation Climatology at Fall AGU 2008

1. GEM 2008 Mini Workshop at Fall AGU

On 14 December, prior to the 2008 Fall AGU Meeting we have the opportunity to gather and discuss progress in research related to our Space Radiation Climatology Focus Group. We have tentatively been given a 2-hour time slot 4:45-6:45 PM in Nob Hill A at the Marriott San Francisco.

If you are interested in presenting material, please contact Paul O'Brien ( We will give priority to material that is not already scheduled for regular AGU talks later in the week (however, if you have such a talk or poster, enter it below so we'll know to show up).

Discussion topics will include:

  • AE9/AP9 project update (Ginet)
  • Principal component analysis - recent examples (Guild)
  • ViRBO Update (Weigel)
  • Reanalysis updates (LANL, UCLA)

The mini workshop agenda can be found at the GEM Workshops Homepage or at the Backup Site

2. FG9 Related Talks and Posters at Fall AGU

At the upcoming Fall AGU Meeting there will likely be many talks and posters relevant to FG9. Please add your talk to the list at or send email to We will advertise this list at the GEM Mini-Workshop.

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