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These are some of the projects that we are working on and/or are looking for ways to get implemented by building on existing resources and tools or by attaching to existing services. This list is a result of discussions with members of the radiation belt community at the GEM Radiation Belt Focus Group meetings. As we research the best way to solve these problems, we will add more specific details about progress and plans. For updates, see #News.


  1. Metadata
  2. Services
  3. Data
  4. Tools
    1. For metadata services
    2. For data services
    3. For visualization

1. Metadata

  • Verification and review of all metadata.
  • Create structured metadata out of draft and notes pages.
  • General clean-up, normalization, and simplification of web pages.

2. Services


  • A service and data set that provides L and L* for common satellites.
  • A service that performs orbit calculations on AE-8 and AP-8 models. Implement a service that does the same for AE-9 and AP-9 models
  • L-sort plots for browse products


  • A service that simplifies data assimilation for radiation belt models.
  • A service that "flies" a real or notional spacecraft through a 4-D environment (e.g., the output of a data assimilation or simulation). In this use case, it's often necessary to time shift the orbit or the simulation to ensure they overlap, which requires additional calculation.
  • A principal component (PC) calculator and plotter. Given a 4-D data cube, compute and plot the 3-D PCs, and also plot the time series of PC amplitudes. Similar to computing the boundary normal or minimum variance coordinates. The algorithms are simple, although they do invoke eigenvalue/eigenvector factorization (which is widely available). The results would be stored as a new data product.

3. Data

For existing contributed RB data that have been made available in CDF, convert to PRBEM-CDF.


  • CRRES – Make available for interactive browse
  • HEO 1 and 3 - Make available for interactive browse
  • LANL/LANL – Make available for interactive browse
  • OV1-19 and OV3-3 - Make available for browse
  • Polar/TIMAS - Make available for interactive browse
  • SAMPEX - Make available for interactive browse
  • S33 - Make available for interactive browse
  • SCATHA – Make available for interactive browse
  • SYM-H and ASYM-H geomagnetic indices – complete metadata.

Other data we are looking into:

  • Full resolution NOAA-14- data – Conversion to CDF and metadata. Now have binary file readers.
  • THEMIS SSD – Metadata and implementation and make available as a browse product
  • DSX – Metadata and make available as a browse product
  • International Space Station dosimeter data
  • SAMPEX - post-mission status and document data location/availability
  • DEMETER - Metadata
  • Orsted - Metadata
  • CHAMP - Metadata
  • ROSAT - Metadata
  • TWINS ES – Metadata
  • TOPEX - Metadata
  • Any data not on the above list but listed at [1].

4. Tools

4.1. For metadata services

  • Documentation of the metadata API [2]
  • Combining metadata management tools (VxOware, SPASE editor, SPASE-QL tools, etc.)

4.2. For data services

We are participating in the development of a high-performance data server that allows fast filtering and subsetting - see This software is expected to simplify implementation of some of the above-listed data services.

4.3. For visualization

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