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ViRBO is hosting documents and notes for this focus group. For information about other meetings, see Resources/Science.


  1. Overview
  2. Events
  3. Contributing
    1. Email
    2. Direct Edits

1. Overview

This wiki is being used to collect information about the Radiation Belt Saint Petersburg (RBSBb) conference [1] working group events. For more information, see the conference web page [2] or join the working group email list [3].

The event column in the table below contains links to event pages. Event pages have information about the event including links to papers, images, data, and discussions. If you would like to contribute, see #Contributing.

2. Events

Event Topic(s) Lead Description
Nov/Dec 2008 CIR, pressure pulse events Michael Hartinger ULF wave activity
Halloween 2003 Storm Several Super Storm
7 Dec 2000 Non-storm Enhanced electrons with no storm
Bastille Day 2000 Storm Several
19 Jun 1995 Storm Enhanced electrons, very weak storm
CRRES Period 1 Period of Interest Several Various phenomena and events
6 Jan 2011 CIR storm Storm D. L. Turner Main phase dropout and subsequent enhancement
6 April 2010 CME storm Substorm, Storm NOAA-SWPC Galaxy15 loss
Valentine's Day 2009 Storm Weichao Tu precipitation loss rate of MeV range electrons

3. Contributing

There are two ways to contribute information.

3.1. Email

Send an email to virbo+RBSPb@virbo.org with a your comments, links to data or images, and attachments. They will be added to the appropriate page within approximately 24 hours. Please indicate the storm that your contribution is for.

3.2. Direct Edits

If you would only like to simply add unformatted text, do the following

  1. Create an account (if you do not want to create an account, use username=RBSPb and password=bBSBR)
  2. Log in and click on a storm page in the first column of the table of above.
  3. Click on the "edit" tab near the top of the page.
  4. Enter text and then select save.

Your changes will appear immediately.

If you would like to add links, images, or format the page contents, see (15-30 minutes)

More advanced:

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