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ViRBO Developments

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  1. Objective
  2. Metadata
    1. Completed
    2. Pending
    3. Other
  3. Visualization
    1. Note
    2. Update 1: New Autoplot Release
    3. Update 2. New Visualization Options
    4. ViViz Gallery
    5. ViViz Overview
    6. What I need
  4. Acknowledgments

1. Objective

  • Summarize metadata efforts.
  • Summarize recent ViRBO develoments that may relevant to scenario list.

2. Metadata

2.1. Completed

  • Observatory and instrument SPASE descriptions complete for RBSP.

2.2. Pending

  • Code to automate transform of CDF Metadata to SPASE NumericalData Records.
  • Requires ISTP CDF files (I will get these through Bob McGuire).

2.3. Other

Non-SPASE metadata/information management

  • Anticipating need to manage non-SPASE metadata incl. bookmarks, vaps (ViRBO AutoPlot configuration files), "pngwalks", event lists, etc.
  • There are now 100s of Autoplot vaps, 10s of bookmark lists, and 10s of pngwalks "out there". I want to make these easy to find.

3. Visualization

3.1. Note

  • Three general use-cases for science visualiazation.
  • No single application can be used for all. (Although some overlap.)
  • There is a need for all three types of options.
Three general use-cases for science visualizations
Use case Primary Interface GUI type Calculations Examples
Quick overview and browse web browser simple little ViViz,Quicklook
Comprehensive visualization not web browser sophisticated some MIDL, Autoplot
Output from analysis command line/script minimal any TDAS

3.2. Update 1: New Autoplot Release

This release introduces three types of bookmarks:

  1. Raw
    • Selecting a raw bookmark will result in an attempt at an automatic single-panel display of data from a given data provider.
    • Some GUI interaction may be required for some bookmarks.
    • ~80% of the CDAWeb Raw Bookmarks should "just work".
  2. Special Views
    • Stylized plots using data from many data providers. For examples, see the ViRBO sub-folder.
    • Growing list of Special Views:
    • To interact with data, Start Autoplot and select Bookmarks->Heliophysics->ViRBO (bookmarks take ~5 seconds to load).
    • Special Views are generally created by scientists using the Expert GUI mode and Raw Bookmarks and then contributed to ViRBO's Special Views repository.
    • A tutorial for creating special views will be presented at the Summer 2012 GEM workshop.
  3. Overviews
    • A data set for which the initial view is of the full time range of available data. Draw a box on a time range to zoom in on a specific time interval.
    • Overviews are available in Autoplot under the ViRBO bookmarks folder.
    • Overviews will eventually be available from a web browser (demo page: [1]).

3.3. Update 2. New Visualization Options

Introducing ViViz (ViRBO Visualizations)

  • Tools for browsing data in a web browser
  • It is an out-growth of both a research project that needed visualization 1000s of images, each image with certain attributes [2]

Two components:

  1. Gallery - browse pre-generated Special Views in web browser
  2. Overview - browse Overviews in web browser

3.4. ViViz Gallery

  • Multi-mode browse and sort stylized pre-generated images, each image covering short time range.
  • Each image is pre-generated using an Autoplot Special View VAP configuration file
  • Each image may have sortable attributes stored in a configuration file
  • List of existing galleries:
  • Eventual interface:

3.5. ViViz Overview

  • Drill-down browse of certain parameters over long time range.
  • Uses Autoplot and TSDS servers on the back-end.
  • Under development. See [3] for demo.

3.6. What I need


  • What types of galleries are of interest? Special Views?
  • Sample CDF files (I will get these through Bob McGuire).
  • Locations that you will store Autoplot bookmark and vap files. I want to make these searchable.

4. Acknowledgments

  • Bob Weigel (GMU): PI
  • Dan Baker (LASP): Initial proposal
  • Janet Green (NGDC): Initial proposal, Data
  • Reiner Friedel (LANL): Data
  • Paul O'Brien (Aerospace): Data
  • Yuri Shprits (UCLA): Data
  • S├ębastien Bourdarie (ONERA): Data
  • Eric Kihn (NGDC): Metadata
  • Ribao Wei (GMU): Catalog metadata
  • Sheng Li (GMU): Catalog metadata
  • Victoir Veibell (GMU): Data Views
  • Brian Curtis (GMU): Data Views
  • Jeremy Faden (Cottage Systems): IOSPs
  • Aaron Roberts (GSFC): VSPO
  • Bob McGuire (GSFC): CDAWeb
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