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ViRBO (Virtual Radiation Belt Observatory) is a VxO project that began operations in January, 2007. For more information about Virtual Observatories, see NASA's Living With a Star Data Environment html

ViRBO (Virtual Radiation Belt Observatory) is one of the domain-specific virtual observatories that began operations in Fall, 2006 and is funded under the NASA Heliophysics Data Environment program. ViRBO provides access to data products and services related to Earth's radiation belt. As part of this project, we have developed or extended a number of existing software codebases. These codebases have cross-VxO uses, and we are developing them to be freely re-usable by data providers and other virtual observatories.

  • Autoplot - Visualize many space science data resources.
  • VxOware - The metadata search and edit engine that ViRBO uses.
  • TSDS - A of Time Series Data Sets.
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