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Relativistic Proton Spectrometer (RPS) Data README


  1. Data Levels
  2. Data Versioning
  3. Archive Structure
  4. Release Notes for Level 2 Files
    1. Version 1.2
    2. Version 1.1
    3. Version 1.0
    4. Version 0.5
    5. Version 0.4
  5. Release Notes for Level 1 Files
    1. Version 1.2
    2. Version 1.1
    3. Version 1.0
    4. Version 0.8
    5. Version 0.7
  6. Release Notes for Level 0 Files
    1. Version 2.1
    2. Version 2.0
    3. Version 1.0
    4. Version 0.3
    5. Version 0.2
    6. Version 0.1
    7. Version 0.0

1. Data Levels

RPS data is delievered in 5 levels

  • Level 0 - raw instrument packet data psbr_rbspa_0004_2c1_v0.1.0_L0_rh.cdf or psbr_rbspa_0004_2c2_v0.1.0_L0_de.cdf
    • Time is expressed in Mission Elapsed Time (MET) not UTC
      • MET is approximately seconds since 00:00 UTC on 1 Jan 2010
      • Each file contains one mission day (not exactly a UTC day) given by 4-digit number (e.g., 0004) in the file name
      • Mission Day 1 is 30 Aug 2012
    • Files with APID 2c1 are 1-second rate and housekeeping data (metadata)
    • Files with APID 2c2 are direct event data, at most one packet per second, potentially multiple events per packet (metadata)
  • Level 1 - Conversion to physical units (metadata)
    • Each file is one UTC day, given in YYYYMMDD format in the file name
    • Contains 1-second rate and housekeeping data (depends on Epoch)
    • Contains 1-second rates in each data channel (approximately an energy/species channel)
    • Contains high rate event data (depends on EVENT_Epoch and variables with names EVENT_*)
    • Contains estimated energy and other event characteristics
  • Level 2 - Flux versus energy versus time
    • Spin Sectored: 73 time bins per vehicle rotation (metadata)
    • One-minute averages (metadata)
  • Level 3 - Flux versus energy and local pitch angle versus time (Not posted yet)
  • Level 4 - Flux versus invariants (Not posted yet)
    • Contains multiple maps for different coordinate systems (e.g., E, K, L* or E, K, hmin, or E, K, ALPHA_EQ)

2. Data Versioning

All RPS data products carry a version number of the form vX.Y.Z. Different parts of the version name will be updated depending on what has changed:

  • X - The file contents have changed: variables added, deleted, renamed, resized, retyped
  • Y - The processing algorithms have changed in a way deemed significant
  • Z - New data has been added, minor changes to the processing algorithms, changes to the metadata

All version 0.Y.Z data is preliminary, as it represents an evolving data processing system. Prior to version 1.0.0, activities that would normally increment the X part of the version number will only increment Y. Therefore, level 0.1.Z and 0.2.0 may contain different variables, etc, whereas normally such a change would promote version 1.Y.Z to version 2.0.0

3. Archive Structure

For Level 0 data, the ptp file format is the official definitive record. For Level 1 and higher products, the CDF file format is the official definitive record.

Also, Level 0 ptp data is not broken out by year, whereas all other Level 0 and and higher products are.

In terms of archiving -- at most only the latest X.Y version of a file is retained (e.g., v1.0.1 retained but v1.0.0 deleted). When fluxes are not changed, the latest X version may only be retained (e.g., v1.1.0 retained, but v1.0.0 deleted).

4. Release Notes for Level 2 Files

4.1. Version 1.2

  • Correction: seconds with no direct events now have zero flux rather than fill
  • Inherited L1 v1.2 timing correction on pitch angle determination
  • On 10 Jan 2018, we began reprocessing all Level 2 (L2) v1.2 files to fix the length of the SPIN_OMEGA variable. In earlier v1.2 files, it had unit length, but in the reprocessed files it has the advertised length: the spin rate in rad/s. As this is a change to a minor variable, we are not incrementing from v1.2 to v1.3. The Level 1 (L1) SPIN_OMEGA variables were correct, and so those files are not being reprocessed. This change only affects L2 files.

4.2. Version 1.1

  • Inherited background removal from L1 v1.1: Applied background removal for EVENT_DIRECTION=1 and EVENT_TYPE neither PEN(1) or CHE(2)

4.3. Version 1.0

  • Changed to byVar compression
  • Minor changes to metadata
  • After the initial v1.0.0 run, a missing factor of 2pi was discovered in the PHI (3rd invariant) calculation. That is corrected in all files generated after 1/1/2017.
  • Note that After 8 Jan 2016, the RPS-A instrument does not produce any fluxes with our current algorithms due to the failure of the Cherenkov subsystem. A new algorithm is pending.

4.4. Version 0.5

  • Changed metadata

4.5. Version 0.4

  • Improved metadata, ISTP compliant

5. Release Notes for Level 1 Files

5.1. Version 1.2

  • Corrected half-second offset in pitch angle interpolation

5.2. Version 1.1

  • Applied background removal for EVENT_DIRECTION=1 and EVENT_TYPE neither PEN(1) or CHE(2)

5.3. Version 1.0

  • Declared v1.0 after additional testing and patching for bad/missing files

5.4. Version 0.8

  • Changed metadata

5.5. Version 0.7

  • Improved metadata, nearly ISTP compliant
  • Added flag bit 8 for missing DE packet
  • Set PACKET_NUM_SLOTS=0 when PEN_RATE=CHE_RATE=0 and no DE packet

6. Release Notes for Level 0 Files

6.1. Version 2.1

  • Changed metadata

6.2. Version 2.0

  • Improved metadata

6.3. Version 1.0

  • Further improved structure of DE files
  • Improved metadata
  • Enabled compression in CDFs

6.4. Version 0.3

  • Corrected structure of DE files to have both time series and event series data
  • Added some default metadata

6.5. Version 0.2

  • Recovered some missing packets at end of MET day (affects ascii only)
  • Corrected combined enable mask

6.6. Version 0.1

  • Changed LIVE* to DEAD*, as in LIVETIME to DEADTIME.
  • Populated more global attributes.

6.7. Version 0.0

  • Very experimental. Used to verify data processing and publication chain
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