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ViRBO (Virtual Radiation Belt Observatory) is one of the domain-specific virtual observatories in the NASA Heliophysics Data Environment[1] program. ViRBO provides access to metadata, data, visualizations, and services related to Earth's radiation belt. ViRBO also hosts web pages and presentation documents associated with radiation belt-related science meetings and workshops - see the Science Meetings list for more information.

The ViRBO project was discontinued in 2014 and these pages are no longer being updated. Feel free to contact if any links to information that you are interested in are broken.

1. News

  • New reconstruction of solar wind parameters (Bz, By, and dynamic pressure P) in the gaps of missing data in OMNI dataset for 1984-1995 time interval [2].
  • Van Allen Probes data available on CDAWeb:
  • Two new methods of visualizing data
    1. Browse and interact with a comprehensive suite of bookmarks developed by ViRBO for the Autoplot application [3].
    2. Browse pre-generated images of heliophysics data using ViRBO's ViViz tool [4].
  • Reprocessed CRESS data provided to ViRBO by Ali and Elkington at LASP [5].

2. Data

Akebono Information about radiation belt-related data on Akebono.
AMPTE Information about radiation belt-related data on AMPTE.
ULF index Data from a ULF index derived from ground magnetometer measurements.
BARREL Information about the BARREL balloon mission.
CRRES Data from the MEA and HEEF instruments on CRRES.
DSX Information about the upcoming DSX satellite mission.
ERG Information about the upcoming ERG satellite mission.
GEO reanalysis Data from a geosynchronous plasma measurement reanalysis project.
GOES Data from the SEM-2 instrument on the GOES series satellites.
GPS Information about particle data from the GPS satellite constellation.
HEO Data from the EXP instrument on HEO-1 and HEO-3.
ICO Information about the ICO satellite.
LANL Information about particle data from LANL 1991-080, LANL 1989-046, LANL LANL-01A.
OMNI2 / OMNIHR Data from the OMNI2 and OMNIHR datasets.
OV Data from the MES instruments on OV1-19 and OV3-3.
POES Data from the SEM-1, SEM-2, and TED instruments on the POES series satellites.
Polar Data from the CAMMICE, CEPPAD, Hydra, and TIMAS instruments on Polar.
RBSP Information about the RBSP mission.
SAMPEX Data from the SAMPEX satellite.
SCATHA Data from the SCATHA satellite.
S3-3 Data from the MES instrument on S3-3.
SWPC Data (real-time) from the Space Weather Prediction Center.
T05 inputs Data for input to the Tsyganenko 2001, 2004, and 2005 magnetic field models.
THEMIS Information about radiation belt-related data on the THEMIS spacecraft.
TSX5 Data from the CEASE instrument on TSX-5.
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